Skin Cancer and Indoor Tanning


The misperceptions and deception around indoor tanning is pervasive. Despite the industry's claims of "healthy and attractive skin," the science is very clear.  The ultraviolet (UV) radiation caused by indoor tanning beds is proven to cause skin cancer.   

We're working in state legislatures across the country to prohibit teenagers - and anyone under age 18 - from using tanning beds, booths and other indoor tanning devices.  Skin cancer remains the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the nation and results in nearly 14,000 deaths per year. 

One in nine high school girls have used a tanning device.

Latest Updates

July 18, 2017

The Maryland Save Your Skin Coalition applauds Prince George’s County Council for passage earlier today of a local ordinance prohibiting minors from using indoor tanning devices in the county. The Save Your Skin Coalition includes the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN), the Maryland Dermatologic Society (MDS) and

June 27, 2017
New York

Thanks to the efforts of ACS CAN volunteers across the state, the NYS Legislature advanced a number of important bills to prevent and treat cancer. Tobacco Control E-cigarette loophole: Passed both houses. Under this proposal, e-cigarette use would be prohibited in areas covered by the state’s Clean Indoor

May 2, 2017

Senate Bill 765 will protect Oklahoma’s children from the dangers of indoor tanning.

April 25, 2017

COUNCIL PRESENTS LEGISLATION AIMED AT PREVENTING SKIN CANCER CB-40-2017 Restricts Minors from Indoor Tanning The Prince George’s County Council, during session on Tuesday, April 25, 2017, presented Council Bill 040-2017, legislation proposed by Council Member Mary Lehman (D) - District 1 prohibiting the use of indoor tanning

Skin Cancer and Indoor Tanning Resources

The greatest avoidable known risk factor for skin cancer is avoiding the use of indoor tanning devices. Yet, each year, an estimated 11.3 million Americans engage in indoor tanning. This factsheet discuses ACS CAN's position on tanning devices.


Despite reputable scientific studies showing that tanning devices can cause skin cancer, representatives from the indoor tanning industry continue to make exaggerated claims about the health benefits of artificial ultraviolet (UV) light and indoor tanning. This fact sheet debunks many of the most egregious claims made by the industry.

Teens are susceptible to the misleading health claims touted by the tanning industry and are frequent targets of the industry's marketing promotions. This factsheet debunks many of the most egregious claims by the tanning industry.