ACS CAN at Making Strides Against Breast Cancer


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Let's save more lives!

Volunteer at your Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Event

You bring your passion for fighting to save lives from breast cancer.  We'll bring the clipboard and pen. And together we'll gather hundreds of petition signatures calling on Congress to do more to end suffering and death from breast cancer. 

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Be part of a powerful and inspiring event to raise awareness of breast cancer and honor survivors. Now in nearly 300 communities.

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Expand funding for lifesaving breast and cervical cancer prevention programs

Congress should expand funding for a program that provides lifesaving mammograms and pap tests to thousands of American women each year.  Ask Congress to prioritize funding for these lifesaving cancer screenings.

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Here are a few essential tools to help lead advocacy activity at your local event.

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When Mina's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, this ACS CAN volunteer suddenly had a new title - caregiver.  See how breast cancer research helped save her mom's life.