ACS CAN at Relay for Life Materials


Photo of Relay for Life volunteerThank you for helping us integrate our advocacy work into your local Relay For Life.  These materials should give you all the tools you need to make your work a huge success. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your staff partner if you have any questions or additional needs. 
And, of course, thank you for all you do to help end suffering and death from cancer. 

2017 Materials 

Lawmakers need to hear from Relayers!  Help your fellow volunteers make their voice heard by sharing this petition at your event.  We need Congress to support increased funding for cancer research. 
All of the answers are in here.  How do I mobilize volunteers at my Relay For Life? What are the criteria for CAN Clubs? Why do we support more cancer research funding?  The Guidebook is your one-stop-shop for all of the answers. 
Here is everything you need to promote advocacy and ACS CAN at your Relay For Life kick-off events. 

ACS CAN KIckoff Script 
Read it word-for-word or make it your own.  This script will make it easy for you to promote advocacy and ACS CAN at your kick-off events. 

Use this form to collect membership information when someone joins ACS CAN. They can pay for their membership with a credit card, check or cash.  
Petitions, key chains, banners, membership forms – it’s all here.  Use this catalog to determine which great ACS CAN items to take with you to your Relay For Life. 
Are you setting up an ACS CAN Café at your Relay For Life?  Follow these four easy steps to make your Café a huge success. 
This is why we all work so hard.  Share this great video with your fellow Relay For Life committee chairs to help them understand the importance and impact of our advocacy work. 


ACS FUNdraising App Instructions
Follow these easy steps to sign up for ACS CAN on the ACS FUNdraising app!

It’s time to show off at your Relay event! This fun recognition program rewards the volunteers and events that do a great job recruiting new ACS CAN members. 


Yes, we did that!  This infographic is a great way to show people how our advocacy work is helping end suffering and death from cancer. 


Volunteers will be amazed at the impact their membership can have.  Use this flyer to show them all they can for just the price of a movie ticket. 


There is no better way to show the Relay For Life community that advocacy is important than by having your Event Leadership Team join ACS CAN.  This flyer provides the script and information you need to make it happen.  You can also use it to start a “Lead by Example” challenge in your community.  


This one-hour interactive training is highly encouraged for all volunteers who take on the role of ACS CAN Lead for their Relay For Life event.  
Picture-A-Cure Social Media Activity
This tip sheet will help you utilize your day of Relay selfie station for legislative action!