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Improve the Quality of Life for Cancer Patients

Palliative care is proven to improve the quality of life for both the cancer patients and their families, and can lead to a more efficient health care system, Ask your Members of Congress to cosponsor our legislation that promotes and improves access to palliative care.
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Ask Congress to Support Funding for Cancer Research

If Congress follows through on a budget that would cut funding for cancer research, the progress we’re making in saving lives will be halted. Let Congress know it’s not acceptable to cut funding for cancer research.
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Protect FDA Oversight of Cigarettes, Cigars and E-cigarettes

Just a week after the FDA announced its oversight of e-cigarettes and cigars, Big Tobacco’s allies in Congress started pushing bills to overturn the new rules. Tell your Members of Congress to stand up to tobacco company lobbying and do what’s right for the kids and families in their districts.

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Don't Cut Funding for Breast Cancer Prevention Programs

A recent budget proposal could lead to more than 100,000 women being turned away when seeking a mammogram or pap test. Ask Congress to increase funding for this lifesaving program.
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Close the colonoscopy loophole for Medicare patients

Under Medicare, there should be no co-pay for a colonoscopy. But, if the doctor removes a polyp which is the point of the colonoscopy you can wake up to a $300 bill. Tell Congress to end the loophole that allows this surprise charge.
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