Congress, increase research funding at the National Cancer Institute to save more lives

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network is calling on Congress to increase research funding at the National Cancer Institute. Advances in cancer research won't happen absent an adequate federal investment. Past funding has led to major scientific advances that have us on the verge of dramatic improvement in how we treat some of the most vexing forms of cancer.

Our population is both aging and growing, increasing the urgent need for progress. With 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, and cancer costing our economy more than $216 billion this year, we can't afford to let promising research go to waste.

Jacqueline Beale

12-year breast cancer survivor Glenn Dale, Maryland


David Weis

4-year late stage papillary thyroid and lymphatic cancer survivor New York, New York


Calvin Nokes

5-year anal cancer and Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor Alexandria, Virginia


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