Cancer Research Funding Actions

Every election presents us with an opportunity to educate candidates and the public about the important role our government and its elected officials play in the fight against cancer. What better way to do that than through your story?

New Jersey

Tell Congress to provide a billion dollars in funding for researchers and scientists to discover more breakthroughs in the understanding and treatment of cancers.


Share your One Degree — someone you know who's had cancer — and we'll assemble them all in a massive petition asking Congress to complete a $1 billion increase in cancer research funding.


This lifesaving legislation will aid in the development of new treatments and improve the quality of life for kids not only while they receive cancer treatments, but throughout the rest of their lives.


This year, 14,660 children will be diagnosed with cancer and 1,850 children will die from the disease. It's time to increase funding for childhood and all cancer research.


Make plans to join volunteers, community members, business leaders, and elected officials at the annual ACS CAN Virginia Cancer Research Breakfast on Thursday, June 22. Attendees will hear from guest speakers from across Virginia who will be discussing the groundbreaking research that's currently being done in Virginia.

Join us and tell Congress to reject the White House's proposed cuts for medical research and prevention funding.


Send a message to your Members of Congress making it clear that these devastating cuts to cancer research are absolutely not acceptable. It only takes one minute using our easy action form.

Thanks to the great work of our volunteers, Congress just approved a big increase in medical and cancer research in this year's budget. Join us in thanking the members of Congress who supported this bill.

A new budget proposal would stifle the incredible progress we're making in defeating cancer. Sign our petition opposing these devastating cuts.