Compromising on Cigarette Tax Means Surrendering on Public Health

Pennies Won't Save Lives

June 21, 2017

DOVER, Del. – June 20, 2017 – The decision of Delaware's elected officials to move forward a 50-cent increase to the state's tobacco tax is a victory for the tobacco industry and ignores proven public health facts.  Following are statements from members of the Delaware Impact Coalition, which includes the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN), the American Heart Association (AHA), American Lung Association (ALA):

“Tobacco tax increases must be high enough to impact consumption and save lives,” said Jeanne Chiquoine, government relations director for ACS CAN in Delaware. “Research has proven that when cigarette tax increases are significant – a dollar or more – that’s when large numbers of people stop smoking and many youngsters never start.  When tax increases are small, tobacco companies can absorb the price difference and offer discounts and coupons that they know will incentivize continued tobacco addiction. Pennies on the dollar simply won’t save lives.”

“The proposed House Bill (HB) 242 falls short on maximizing the value of tax as a tool to discourage smoking by youth and adults,” said Deborah P. Brown, President and CEO, American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic. “The American Lung Association in Delaware supports legislation that will significantly increase the tax on cigarettes by at least $1.00 per pack and establish a tax on all other tobacco products (OTP), including e-cigarettes. We strongly encourage legislators to take the action necessary to save more lives; increase the cigarette tax to $1.00 per pack.”

“With a one dollar per pack increase, Delaware had the opportunity to make a bold statement about our desire to address the leading preventable cause of death and disease in our state,” said Jonathan Kirch, government relations director for the American Heart Association in Delaware. “It is outrageous that some of our elected officials seem more concerned about keeping tobacco prices low than they are about keeping our youth from getting addicted to this deadly product. Compromising on public health is never the right answer.”

Tobacco use claims 1,400 lives in Delaware annually. Because nearly 10 percent of high school students smoke in Delaware, about 400 Delaware youth become regular smokers every year and there are 17,000 Delawareans under 18 today who will ultimately die prematurely from smoking.

A $1 per pack tax increase to the Delaware tax would have lowered smoking rates among youth by 10.6 percent and prevented 2,100 premature deaths caused by smoking.   Additionally, the state could have saved $156.88 million in long-term health care costs.

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