Childhood cancer bill passes the Senate

March 23, 2018

The U.S. Senate just passed the STAR Act, a bipartisan bill that lays the groundwork for new breakthroughs in researching and treating childhood cancer.

The STAR Act provides the opportunity to:

  • Increase funding for childhood cancer research
  • Improve data collection so pediatric oncologists can better learn from one another
  • Expand research on the long-term effects of childhood cancer treatments

More than 10,000 children will be diagnosed with childhood cancer this year, and far too many will face grueling medical treatments and a lifetime of potential chronic health conditions.

The STAR Act addresses these issues by increasing research for more effective treatments for children fighting cancer and studying the long-term effects of this disease on childhood cancer survivors.

The bill now must go to the House of Representatives. Send a message to your Representative and ask them to pass the STAR Act so the bill can become a law.