ACS CAN and the Commision on Cancer: Partners in Advocacy


While we all understand the critical importance of research in our quest to defeat cancer, we know that developing new tools in the fight is not enough. We must also move our public policies forward to ensure that federal and state legislators are doing their part, and ensure that our laws and regulations support the outcome we all seek.

It is with the importance of public policy and advocacy in mind that we are pleased to announce the new partnership between the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) and the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (CoC).

ACS CAN and the CoC are working together precisely because of their shared understanding of the importance of advocacy in the fight against cancer. CoC physicians and ACS CAN members know that some of the most important work in the fight takes place outside the doctor’s office and lab, and in the halls of Congress and state Capitols. They also know the incredible impact the medical community can have by advocating for meaningful health care legislation. ACS CAN is the unified voice for people demanding they be heard by elected officials and that these lawmakers be held accountable for their actions in the fight against cancer. Photo of Comission on Cancer logo

As a CoC constituent, you know that being an advocate gives you the unique opportunity to affect the care that is given to cancer patients in your setting. With ACS CAN, you have the opportunity to become personally involved in the fight against cancer.

As part of the ACS CAN team, you can help us:

  • Engage in active lobbying and public policy efforts on issues that affect the cancer patients you serve
  • Educate the public and media more directly
  • Hold lawmakers accountable for their votes on cancer issues
  • Participate in events where candidate views on issues are discussed

By partnering with ACS CAN, the CoC is able to leverage its legislative advocacy focus at the national, state and local levels, enhancing our joint ability to positively impact cancer prevention, early detection, the quality of care for patients and research

ACS CAN/CoC Resource Center


Do you have any ideas on how ACS CAN and the CoC can improve this relationship? Email Pam Traxel at with suggestions.

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