Did You Know?

  • Significant increases in a state‚Äôs cigarette and OTP taxes reduce tobacco use and tobacco-caused diseases, which in turn reduce health care costs.
  • Smoke-free laws are good for business. In fact, no independent study has shown that smokefree laws negatively affect the restaurant or bar industry.
  • One-quarter to one-third of all cancer diagnoses and up to one-third of cancer deaths are due to poor diet, physical inactivity and overweight and obesity.
  • Restricting access to tanning devices is consistent with other policies that protect youths from harmful substances like tobacco and alcohol.
  • Without increased transparency requirements for health insurance plans, cancer patients may have to buy a plan without knowing how much their potentially lifesaving drugs will cost each month.
  • Studies conducted in variety of states including New York and Texas have found that providing palliative care alongside disease-focused treatment in hospitals can reduce costs from approximately $1,700 per patient to nearly $10,000 per patient.