Cancer patients, researchers put a face on cancer research in new ACS CAN report

February 5, 2013

Ken Stock thought he was out of options.

Image - Research reportThe retired lawyer and father of three was fighting melanoma and doctors had told him no further treatments were available. It was around that time when advice from other stage IV melanoma patients led him to Dr. Geoffery Weiss’s clinical trials at the University of Virginia’s Human Immune Therapy Center.

Fast forward to today. After treatment with Yervoy, a drug created thanks to federally funded research, Ken’s latest checkup showed he was cancer-free. About $5 million in National Cancer Institute grants have helped support Dr. Weiss, his labora¬tory, and his clinical trials.

Cancer research and the trial he participated in gave him hope, Ken said. And Ken’s not alone.

Ken’s experience is one of many included in a new report, Catalyst for Cures, we’ve just released that shares the stories of cancer patients and survivors whose lives have been affected by cancer research, and the researchers who have made it happen.

These stories show why funding cancer research is so critical, and the types of discoveries and successes that could be jeopardized if Congress cuts federal funding.

The report details patients and researchers fighting melanoma, leukemia & lymphoma, lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and cervical cancer in addition to scientific innovations that have advanced the fight against cancer.

Read the report.

And, make sure to tell your lawmakers to increase cancer research funding – not cut it – by signing our petition at

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