• Ruling Extinguishes Latest Industry Effort to Undermine Tobacco Control


    The tobacco industry has long outspent public health advocates at staggering rates to undermine tobacco control here in the United States and around the globe. But the seemingly endless tobacco industry bank accounts aren’t able to beat back strong public health policy the way they have in the past. Public health is prevailing with greater frequency in spite of a relentless industry foe.

    The latest example of this David versus Goliath outcome will directly benefit the citizens of Uruguay, and have far reaching implications for other countries considering similar public health measures.… [Read more]

  • National Cancer Moonshot Summit Offers Historic Opportunity


    The National Cancer Moonshot Summit in Washington, D.C. last week presented a historic opportunity for the top minds in science, medicine, patient advocacy and business to come together and start the serious work of accelerating progress in the fight against cancer.… [Read more]

  • Guest Post: Living with Chronic Pain after Cancer


    Today, ACS CAN and the Alliance to Prevent the Abuse of Medicines joined together on Capitol Hill to address the critical need to preserve patient access to pain medications as policymakers work to adopt legislation to curb opioid abuse. The Hill briefing featured advocates, health care professionals, congressional staff, and patients, including ACS CAN volunteer Evelyn Lopez. Evelyn is a stage 3-4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor who depends on opioid medications to manage debilitating side effects from her cancer treatment that left untreated would interfere with daily life.… [Read more]

  • Guest Post: From Checkup to Capitol Hill for Childhood Cancer Action Day


    This year, Ian and his mother, Kay, were invited to Childhood Cancer Action Day in Washington, D.C. to share their story. The trip coincided with Ian’s five-year post-treatment appointment at Milwaukee Children’s Hospital. I invited them to share their story of a whirlwind week that started with a full day at a cancer clinic, and ended on Capitol Hill explaining to key legislators their role in pediatric cancer research, treatment, and recovery.… [Read more]

  • World No Tobacco Day: Reducing the Global Tobacco Burden


    Today is World No Tobacco Day, an annual event sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) to highlight the significant toll tobacco products continue to have on people’s health across the world and to advocate globally for policies that we know will help prevent kids from ever starting to smoke and help current adult smokers quit.… [Read more]

  • Guest Post: Kansas Minors No Longer Exposed to the Dangers of Indoor Tanning

    tracey hashtag

    The Friday before Memorial Day Weekend is Don’t Fry Day – a day to encourage sun safety awareness as summer unofficially kicks off. While it’s critically important to protect our skin from the sun, indoor tanning devices pose an equal and too often an underestimated risk when it comes to skin cancer. I’m thrilled to report that Kansas is the latest state to take action to protect minors from the dangers of indoor tanning and honored to have Kansas ACS CAN volunteer Tracey Nicodemus share a guest blog on the direct impact indoor tanning has had on her family and her efforts to try and protect others from the same dangers.… [Read more]

  • Nation Takes Critical Steps Forward in Tobacco Regulation

    More than just hot air? Whether e-cigarettes are a good idea remains a question

    In advance of World No Tobacco Day at the end of the month, there has been some pretty tremendous movement in tobacco control in the United States over the past week. At the federal level, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued the final deeming rule spelling out its authority to regulate all tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, cigars, and hookah.
    [Read more]

  • Give the Gift of Screening This Mother’s Day

    © 2014 Chris Hamilton ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

    Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show the women in our lives how much we appreciate them and how thankful we are to have them. What better way to show our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters that we love them than by ensuring all women have access to timely and affordable preventive services.… [Read more]

  • Guest Post: Accelerating Health Equity by Eliminating Cancer Disparities


    Over and over again, research studies have shown significant differences in access to cancer care and the quality of treatment received in minority and vulnerable populations. Achieving the highest level of health for everyone will require creative and sustained efforts to eliminate intended and unintended practices that drive inequalities.… [Read more]

  • Take Tobacco Out of the Ball Game


    Baseball is America’s past time, and many children admire and want to emulate their favorite baseball players. But there’s one part of baseball that has become all too commonplace that we don’t want anyone to emulate — using tobacco.… [Read more]

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